Interpretations of sound.

Rise of the machines, Gabriel Prokofiev: orchestral mechanical and hybrid-printmaking.

This is a moment. An epiphany. Something monumental in the way ideas congeal.

I only recently came across the composer Grabriel Prokofiev, and his work concerto for turntables and orchestra. This is the sonic version of what could be possible for hybrid printmaking. The perfect use of tradition and technology. Prokofiev does it wonderfully. Satisfying both the classical ear, and the contemporary ear that may not have experienced much of the classical world. The sound is so big. How can one surprise and cause such an intense reaction to print?

Here is a clip from the 2011 BBC Proms, concerto for turntables and orchestra performed by DJ switch (full version). I highly recommend watching this. It is great to listen to, but to see the performative aspect is exciting. Also rare to see a DJ and turntable playing with an orchestra.

I have also found a short interview with Prokofiev explaining the influence of machines on his work. This was quite an important interview to get an understanding of his motivation. Listen to it here.

This is only just a seed that has been planted, and there will be so much more on this from me. I can’t wait.


Sound Art
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