I have created a drop down menu for the different areas that influence my art practice. Some sections contain only photographs to visually describe the genre within the category, as the categories are so broad. Some sections also have a bit of text about artists within the category that I find interesting.


I have struggled with this section, as I tend to be influenced by so many things, rather than a few key people.

You will notice that I often refer to myself as a gleaner.   I think often of Jean-François Millet’s painting The Gleaners.  I am not like those in the painting desperate for food, but I can feel desperate for art. To make it, see it, for it to be all encompassing. It is often thought of as a societal luxury, but for me it is more of a basic necessity, an idea generator, and reminds me of how the human species differ from the others. To make for the sake of making.