I have a BFA in photography from the Alberta College of Art & Design, Canada. I received the Board of Governors Award, Bob Ranson Memorial Scholarship, John H. & Kathleen Snow Scholarship, and the Photographic Arts Merit Award. Since graduating, I have assisted photographers with advertising, editorial work, and analogue darkroom production, whilst pursuing my own photo-based art practice.

My work is typically lens-based, primarily photographic, and could be described as abstract and/or non-representational. I am also interested in the immaterial subject, such as light and reflections of light. The subject could be hinted at, but often I am using the camera to reduce the scene to the essence of the object, so it is not so much what the photographs are trying to say, which is usually the point of using photography as a medium, but I am more interested in using the camera as a reductive tool altering the perceived materiality and physicality of the subject.

No story, plot, or narrative.

Not to say that the viewer won’t make up their own story, I always do when looking at other people’s work, but it is not an interest or thought when I am making. A possible analogy might be sounds without a melody.

I am also interested in making artists’ books that are intimate vessels of imagery and ideas, and that act as portals for otherworldly photographic collage and automatic writing.

Below is a small body of work that shows a brief trajectory of my art practice until now. My most recent work near the top, ending with my undergraduate final piece.


Chrystal Cherniwchan, Intaglio Print, Freezing.
Original photograph.

Above is an example of a photopolymer intaglio print with the original photograph I used for the halftone.


Screenprint from the photograph below.


This photograph was made into a halftone and screenprinted, see print above.












The above image is a series of photographs that I exhibited for an art event in Calgary, called SPREAD, which was part of Artcity.  Artcity was produced by the Visual Arts Week Society (VAWS), a non-profit and charitable society dedicated to enhancing the general public’s experience and enjoyment of contemporary visual arts, architecture and design through effective and relevant programs.





Photographic works leading up to the Artcity event.






The top two images in this section are photographs which form part of the grid you see exhibited above.  This was my piece in our grad show, all disciplines were exhibited together at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta College of Art & Design, Canada.