Verdure Engraved 2018 (2)

So happy to be one of the featured artists interviewed in the latest issue of Verdure Engraved, curated by Jez riley French. It is to be read, listened to, has been carefully crafted, and is one of the many acts of generosity that Jez does. He is an excellent example of what an artist should be, not just self promoting, but also celebrating the work of others. Jez tirelessly promotes the work of women in sound and art, and I can’t thank him enough. The link is in my bio, look out for the other good works he does, and try and see one of his performances if you get the chance. I am still hoping to soon.

This is a downloadable PDF. When you visit the Bandcamp site, it takes you to the purchase screen, but this is a free download, so just enter zero. You can then access the sounds + the Verdure Engraved art zine.